Virtual reality in Corporate

  • In a corporate scenario, Virtual Reality can be used as an effective tool to let remote employees meet in a 3D environment using social avatars. It allows the companies to design better products, sell to customers in a more immersive way and perhaps most critically, train the staffs faster and more comprehensively.  


  • VR hot-desk: Maximize the productivity by introducing the all-new VR work environment. With the 3D virtual keyboard model, one can customize the keyboard layout bringing ease to the work.  


  • Preview the office building (in and out): VR could help with taking a virtual tour of the office for the clients and visitors for a better understanding. The tour will include the layout of the office, its working and how the different teams are set on a floor. Basically, in a tour, one can figure out the whole tree structure view of the company/firm.   · 

  • Make the onboarding procedure effortless and seamless for the new hires: Often the onboarding process involves coordinating various people, schedules and multiple moving parts. One can incorporate the VR technology ibn order to make it effortless and seamless.   

  • Remote in-floor activities by taking a walkthrough for CXOs: Enables one to a live tour of the office to have a look at the team functionality and performance for an effective assessment.    

  • Attend tech conferences virtually: Geographical barrier shouldn’t be a concern if one has VR aided office setup which allows one to be present in the conference or meet irrespective of the location.                        

  • Interviewing the candidates: Imagine taking an interview of people ‘face to face’ in a virtual conference room. One can even set up remote offices for candidates to visit and the VR headset for giving interview. Currently video calling is being used for the same but with VR, the interviewer benefits seeing how someone reacts to questions or what they are saying through their body language which is restricted via video calls.  

  • All hands meeting: It is difficult to hold an ‘all hands’ meeting, especially when people work from home or head out on business trips, or are not around on that day. VR could make it easier to get everyone in the same conference room at the same time irrespective of the space.