Welcome to Embright Infotech

 We  are  a  team  of  passionate people  focused  on  VR,  AR,  XR,  AI  and  other  industry  4.0  standards.  We  welcome  all  energetic,  passionate and  highly  motivated individuals who  can  work  with  us  in  a  cutting  edge  technology  driven  environment.

Current Openings

Software Developer - Machine Learning & AI

Experience: 0-2 years

Job location: Trivandrum

Qualification and Skill Requirements;

• Bachelors Degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering, 0-2 years of professional working experience in a similar position.

• Exceptional experience working in a python environment and good understanding of using the relevant tools from the Python library

• Strong understanding of machine learning algorithms& principles, and their application. 

• Proven working experience with microservices and development of REST APIs.• Experience with object detection and data extraction.

• Experience with Deep Learning architectures such as Convolutional Neural Networks Autoencoders. 

• Experience with machine learning library scikit-learn, and image processing tool Opencv. 

• Should have good skills for applying automation of the processes, and designing A.I. 

•  Ability to work on a project end to end without support of a team lead.• Experience with the development of Machine Learning-based systems or have worked with Data Scientists. 

 • Experience with C++• Knowledge and experience about Deep Learning frameworks such as Tensor Flow (and Keras), PyTorch

• Understanding of Data Warehouse concepts, ETL strategies and best practices

• Ability to think out-of-box and evaluating results based on customer value• Energetic self-starter, with the desire to work in a dynamic fast-paced environment

• Excellent verbal and written communication skills• Research-minded, ability to run experiments independently.

• Must have true startup spirit. Be willing to wear multiple hats and deliver end-to-end

Key skills: Image processing, Algorithms, Data extraction , Machine Learning , opencv, CUDA, Python, R, Spark,Extract, Transform, Load (ETL), AWS, PostgreSQL, Teradata, Hadoop

Job description

• Work closely with product management and related subject matter experts to understand and create developer tools and solutions roadmaps; Design, train, test, productize and deploy machine learning models, writing production-level code and assuming end-to-end ownership of successful ML use case implementation with excellent scalability and performance.

• Create new ideas of for the development of inhouse technology and tools

• Transform or translate a business problem in the cloud infrastructure space to an AI or ML problem and help develop innovative ML driven solutions

• Propose and build innovative technical solutions for the developer space leveraging AI, machine learning (ML), and cloud technologies

• Propose and architect AI or ML driven solutions in the developer space

• Work closely with the team to identify and evaluate different ML algorithms in the areas of recommendation systems and deep learning networks for classification

• Examine and develop new codes created by other colleagues to ensure it is suitable for building and deployment

Please forward your resume to  with subject line


Executive - Sales & Marketing

Experience:  1-3yrs 

Job  location:  Trivandrum,  Kerala 

Job  description 

  Proactively  identify  new  business  opportunities  and  prospects-  including  new  markets, growth  areas,  trends,  customers,  products  and  services 

  Develop market  strategies  by  researching  lists  of  high  potential  prospects,  and  effectively implement,  including  marketing  programs  and  monthly  promotions 

  Work with the  business  leadership  team  in  penetrating  strategic  accounts  by  identifying business  pains,  decision  makers,  budget,  time  frame  ,  and  schedule  sales  appointments with  qualified  prospects. 

  Learn  about  all  company  products  and  services  and  describe/explain  them  to  prospects 

  Managing,  tracking  and  following  up  on  leads 

  Develop new relationships  in  an  effort  to  grow  business  and  help  company  expand 

  Developing  proposals,  quotations,  and  tenders  for  inquiries  and  negotiating  terms  to secure  sales  opportunities  to  meet  targets 

  Arranging  business  meetings  and  one-on-one  conversations  with  prospective  clients 

  Understand  customer  requirements  and  close  the  sales  and  go  the  “extra  mile”  to  meet sales  quota  and  facilitate  future  sales 

  Work with the  business  development  team  in  generating  qualified  first  appointments  for the  sales 

  Conduct  and  or  coordinate  in  product  presentations  in  different  locations   Create  and  update  the  activity  report 

  Meet monthly  sales  goals   Attend  client  meetings 

  Efficient  Management  /  Client  facing  capabilities 

  Develop and  sustain  effective  new  business  relationships  with  clients  and  independently handle  business  operations   

  Responsible  for  constant  interaction  with  clients 

  Responsible  for  negotiating  with  the  Clients,  regarding  the  bill  rates  if  necessary.   

  Attend  trade  and  public  events  for  networking  and  to  secure  new  business  opportunities   

  Researching  and  analyzing  the  market  and  industry  trends 

  Using knowledge  of  the  market  and  competitors,  identify  and  develop  the  company’s unique  selling  propositions  and  differentiators. 

  Meeting and exceeding  weekly  and  monthly  activity  and  revenue  targets. 

Please  forward  your  resume  to ‘SE-001’ with  subject  line