Hospitality & Tourism


Introduce the technology of Virtual Reality into your business, and turn yourself into a smart Hotelier. The breakthrough technology offers an all-new and advanced platform for engaging with the current and potential guests, and marketing the best in a fresh way.   For the tourism and hotel industries, Virtual Reality offers attractive way to put potential guests inside their walls and beyond. The following are some of the ways to reap the big benefits from this revolutionary technology.  


Step into your room before you book: The immersive VR footages allows the potential guests to explore the hotel premises and the rooms before they book. Travelers will find themselves inside the room to see exactly what different sizes, facilities and floor plans are available. This might persuade them to upgrade to a suite by seeing the additional amenities, incredible views and space. 

Explore the property in and out: No more relaying on the images provided on the website or the ordinary paper brochure. The VR footages provides an interactive experience where the travelers or the potential guest or travelers can virtually visit a hotel’s restaurant, banquet hall, spa or fitness center. An eco-friendly hotel will over provide the user a virtual tour of its rooftop herb garden or show off the incredible view of the surrounding, helping to gain customer loyalty.

Caters to Effective Marketing: Hotels can leverage VR technology on their websites or billboards placed in airports. Scanning through a smartphone camera will trigger images and information about the hotel. A beachside resort may entice potential visitors by immersing them in a vibe from the viewpoint of a guest lounging in a sun while sipping a cocktail, is a promotion for their happy hour drinks hovering in the foreground. It results to increase customer satisfaction as well because they’ll know what to expect before they book. 

Hotel Management: It will also bring an impact in the business and back-of-house operations. The advanced technology will enable one to create the blueprints and to envision the structure of the hotel virtually, giving an insight to the artists. It will offer an envision to the potential investors about the result as well. And in the realm of staff training, hotels can create real-life scenarios that will train the employees more effectively to interact with the guests. 

  • And an added feature, VR 360 Live Streaming for Corporate events: The live streaming will enable accessibility of the event for a larger audience irrespective of the geographical boundaries. The footages will be broadcasted for public and private channel, according to the need.  Since it’s a technological era, Hotels must step up their technological game if they hope to differentiate themselves and engage with this lucrative market.