VR in Real Estate & Architects


Real estate is an industry which tends to adopt technology that can assist in its success. It often faces hurdles with its time management which can often result in losing the clients. Another recurrent issue is when the pictures fail to justify the actual property or space. With the help of Virtual Reality, one can resolve both these issues and make visit to many more plots and properties in less time. This will naturally increase the sales efficiency, build the trust of the clients and raise the number of potential buyers.  


Guided Virtual Visits: Introducing VR means having a promotional video in 360 degrees. This method can be used as a ground-breaking tool for real estate agents, as they will be able to show unfinished projects like never.   

Interactive Virtual Visits: The experience can be made interactive through movement, enabling the clients to have a in and out exposure of the property, giving them an experience of a lifetime.  

Virtual Commerce: Along with the interactive virtual visit mentioned above, if we add the ability to make custom changes to the home, just like e-commerce, except this is now virtual commerce.