Edu-Tech Products

VR Lab for students


  • In this era, the new generations are born and raised in a digitally equipped environment where technological advancements are quite progressive. The kids are technology-friendly and tends to resist to the traditional approach.  Virtual reality being the fastest growing market and utilized in many sectors, educators have also begun to incorporate the benefits of VR with virtual classrooms or VR labs. 

  •   Features: High quality visualizations that aren’t possible in the traditional classrooms. Increased student's engagement. Creates more interest towards the subject. Drastic improvement in the quality of education and learning· Eliminates language barrier. Simplifying the concepts and providing more scopes to explore into the depth of the topic.                                     
  • Advantages:   A venue for students to interact virtually with the lab equipment. An enhanced learning experience with exposure ‘of real phenomena’ that is free of the consequences the real world imposes. Equipped with study materials based on CBSE, ICSE, ISC and IGCSE syllabus, creating a new and effective learning experience, with more of visual content for better understanding. The limitations of practical exposure in the education sector can be leveraged using VR experience. Also act as a platform where students are trained, and new pedagogical techniques may be derived.       

Live 360' Monitoring -VisionVR


  • Introducing the all-new classroom-monitoring system, VisionVR is a visual aid in the education sector, aiming for an efficient classroom assessment. The objective is to provide 360 surveillances of the classroom by incorporating the breakthrough Virtual Reality technology. This student-teacher monitoring system aided in VR offers a next-level assessment of students as well as the teachers. The VR live streaming enables the administration of the institute to have a close observation of the classrooms activities. 

  •   Features:  Live streaming of 360 VR videos from the classrooms. Accessibility of the footage from different geographical areas. Exclusive live streaming portal in a secured network        

  • Advantages: A better and effective way to implement classroom observation· Maximizing the student engagement (promoting classroom interaction even while missing the real session). Mode to rate the quality of teaching.  Thus, ensuring an all-round assessment by the management.  Powerful line of communication between instructional leaders and staff during and after classroom observations. Footage are stored permanently and can be accessed again and again at the recipient’s convenience. Classroom observations provide the teacher opportunities to focus on their classroom and their teaching strategies.  · The same could be implemented to supervise the students during examinations.    

Immersive Lessons- Mixed Reality


  • Microsoft Mixed reality platform for teachers. Easy customized content creation. 

  • Features: The notion of Mixed Reality is eventually the blend of the best of augmented and virtual reality into a single headset with support for multiple experiences. It also refers as ‘hybrid reality’ where the real and the virtual world is merged to produce a new environment and visualization where physical and digital objects co-exists and interact in real-time.  In the field of education, it can be utilized as a practical exposure of the components involved in a concept where the students can interact in a virtual set up. The immersive system provides enveloping sight, sounds and touch which provides possibilities to gain an intuitive understanding of the real-size and construction or figurative details, thus allowing a closer inspection of the interior parts.   

AR book

Augmented reality is a swiftly growing field and is been a way to reach a generation which grew up constantly interacting with screens and digital content. It is proving to be an effective tool in education sector with large possibilities for an interesting learning experience.

AR books are physical or digital copies of traditional books, which consists of augmented data. An app will be dedicated to scan the contents of the book which gives out the augmented 3D content. The contents could be as simple as another picture or video file or an audio clip, or as complex as animated sequence based on a textbook. 

These books offer a huge range of opportunities for a new educational model. They merge traditional text with digital content using a piece of technology like a smartphone or gaming console. It consists of the use of an app which plays videos, creates models from content and allows interaction with the text.   


  • Interesting and outstanding animation, taking one to a whole new world.
  • Robust Experience which enables one to tilt, fold and rotate the book according to ones need.
  • Explore the book by yourself or allow the narrator to do so.
  • In-depth information at every point making the subject thought-provoking and exciting.
  • Available in both Android and IOS operating system.